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“Green Eagle” Garage Door Company. We will tell you about this company in detail!

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Green Eagle Garage Door Company uses only 100% Kiln Dried Tight Knot Western Red Cedar and C & Better Select Douglas to construct its custom cedar wood doors. Here is some helpful information on Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir, its applications and benefits.

One of the most famous things about Western Red Cedar is its intense color and unique smell. It is also worth mentioning that there are a lot of advantages, and some of them are provided below:

-Can be easily splitted for roof deck, fence rails and walls

-Red cedar wood door is resistant to several negative impact of moisture, insects and saprogenic
fungi, which is excellent solution for wood garage door

-The weight of company’s cedar wood door is light

-With its cedar wood door you will be provided with perfect insulation since this type of wood has acoustic properties

-Such doors doesn’t have an effect of deflectivity so they are non-deforming indeed

-Pitch and resin are absent

-Easy to work with this material – this wood accepts all paints and stains

Window frames, outdoor furniture, wood garage door, etc. – you can use Red Cedar for many-many different things. If you choose Red Cedar for these purposes, you will never regret. For example, if you’d like to make some interior applications, you should pay careful attention to this wonderful wood.

Some words about the history of Red Cedar. This material was popular with North-American aborigines who lived in the Pacific Northwest. These people made ropes, clothing, canoes, houses and other staff like that from this species. And after arrival of the Europeans at the land this wood became famous within European countries.

Cedar wood is regarded as one of the best materials for garage door for several reasons. First of all, such doors look really elegant and beautiful in its natural state. Secondly, cedar wood door is capable of keeping its natural qualities without any additional means. It means that cedar wood door is more sustainable to different types of decay (from wetness or mold, for example) than almost all other types of wood. Finally, cedar wood door weighs quite less compared with other materials, which is one of the most important points in making a choice.

The last but not least argument in favor of this type of wood consists in its ability to create coziness and warm atmosphere in any home.

All this will be combined perfectly with your the apartment interior  design, house interior design and the interior design project!

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