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Standard and custom interior door sizes

Custom height interior French doors can be designed for your order
  •    April 17, 2015
  •    Kalin
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The interior door sizes may vary depending on the room the doors is used for. The standard height of a door in the house which was built after 1980 should be 80 inches. Although the standard demands to install the door “minimum” 80 inches in its height, most of doors which are available on sale in stores have exactly this height.

However, ordering custom size interior doors you are not limited in your doors dimensions preference. You may order a very short door for your home wine cellar, a very high door if some of your family members are tall people. In some homes the pet lovers build mini houses for pets and in this case a mini-door for such a house may be ordered. When you are looking for a closet or a bathroom door, its height is also standard – 80″.

The width of these units is less than the width of the doors which separate rooms (24″ or 28″). In older houses such doors could be 18 inches width only. If you got a house with such a door for bathroom, you should better widen the passage and atHome Depot custom size interior doors which you need. The professionals there will work out the doors design, build the door, deliver it to you and make the installation.

Thus, you will get a new wider door. Ordering a custom sized door, you amy choose the width and height of the door which you need and not which is available this day you apply for the unit. The custom size internal doors choice gives you freedom in working out the home interior design.

Custom size Prehung interior doors have a high quality

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