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The best wood storm doors

Wooden screen doors with glass are designed to protect your household
  •    August 12, 2015
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Sturdy wood storm doors are built to protect your house from winds, storms, showers and weather hazards. These doors are installed before the entrance doors. The air which stays between two doors – the entrance one and storm unit provides the additional insulation and energy saving.

This durable shield can feature glass or made be from solid wood. Aluminum storm doors are also popular, but wooden storm doors look more elegant and give more attractiveness to the whole house. Some wood storm doors with screens are thinner than usual front doors. Gorgeous wood storm doors with glass panels are designed and made by Screen Tight. Home Depot deals with these doors for very low prices. Made from different woods – pine, oak and cherry, these doors units are lightweight and easy in installation. The screen made from fiberglass lets air and light in. You can open the front door during the Summer day, the door screen will not let insects flying inside your home, but your house will be aired. Some doors combine the features of screen and storm doors. Such units as Easy Change doors by Combination Door Company add beauty and safety to your house.

Its value increases, and you do not invest much in the project. Installation of doors must be made by qualified contractor until you are a professional woodworker. Choose materials for the door, design, option of doors profile, the color of painting or varnishing and other specifications you want your door must have.

Used wood screen doors maybe redesigned and customized as well

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